Monthly talk via Skype

Fee RM10

To register, send payment to Manujushri Kadampa Society 512-352-615-794 Maybank with Ref: MonthlyTalk + your name

Whatsapp payment slip to Honda 0133998839 (preferably a few days before the event)

To join Skype group call:
1. Download the Skype application from Google Play store (free)
2. Set up your Skype account
3. WhatsApp your Skype name & address to Honda 013-339 8839 (at least 24 hours before the program)
4. Open your Skype account about 10 minutes before the class & wait to be called. OFF video mode; MUTE microphone (Unmute to speak)
5. Recordings are available for 10 days for listening/download.

Saturday 13th March

3 sessions:

7:30am –  8:45am

10:30am – 11:45am

4:30pm – 5:45pm

Recordings available for 30 days

To register, please transfer retreat fee of RM15 to *Manjushri Kadampa Society* 512-352-615-794 Maybank, with “retreat/your name” as our reference.

Whatsapp receipt and your email address to Honda 013 399 8839 by the 10th of March 2021.

Class fee: RM50 for 6 sessions.  Please transfer to *Manjushri Kadampa Society* 512-352-615-794 Maybank, with “GP/your name” as our reference.  Whatsapp the payment slip to Pavithra 012 373 0184 by February 19th as registration.

Set up for Skype group call:
1. Download the application Skype from Google Playstore (free)
2. Set up your Skype account – give email/FB; create password and skype name
3 Whatsapp your Skype name to Pavithra 012 373 0184 at least 24 hours before the programme.

Before the class: Open your Skype account about 10 minutes before time. Turn off video mode; keep mircrophone on MUTE.  UNMUTE when wish to say something. Wait for the teacher to call you.

Enquiries:  012 427 3380

Through regular teachings, meditations, systematic study and group discussion, the Foundation Programme offers deep support for your spiritual life. It is, in essence, the same training followed by spiritual practitioners in an unbroken lineage dating back to Buddha Shakyamuni. Its special quality is that we can gain authentic experience without abandoning our modern lifestyle

From the author of HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE MIND: ‘We often say, ‘My mind, my mind’, but if someone were to ask us, ‘What is your mind?’,  we would have no correct answer. This is because we do not understand the nature and function of the mind. 

Guided Meditations  online 

Applying meditation in our everyday life will enable us to discover the inner peace and happiness that naturally arises when our mind becomes still. In this way it helps us to cope with the busyness and difficulties of daily life, leads to happiness and a sense of purpose and harmony in your relationships.

To find a time slot suitable for you, please contact Nathalie at 012 427 3380

中文课 online

学习静坐 享受内在安宁。静坐可以帮助我们:转化自心,消除愤怒、贪执、 妒忌等负面 情绪;保持平静,活得自在、喜悦。 修习禅修让我们经验内在 安宁,帮助我们从愤怒,贪执,嫉妒等等的妄念情绪中转化为善念及正面的心态。

每月一堂课: 星期六 (点击日期)  电话 012.222.9201



On Wednesdays 8pm-8:45pm & Saturdays 11am-11:45am
Prayers: Heart Jewel          

On Thursdays 8pm-8:35pm
Prayers: Medicine Buddha Sadhana

On Fridays: 8pm-8:45pm
Prayers: Medicine Buddha Prayer

On Sundays 9am-9:25am
Prayers: Prayers for World Peace

Link to on our Facebook page:  Manjushri Kadampa Buddhist Centre

Guided Meditations Suitable for Beginners (via skype)
Time: By appointment 012 427 3380 Nathalie
RM20 for 4 sessions. One session 45 min
Download Skype from Google Playstore (free) and set up your skype account.
Whatsapp your skype name and email address to Nathalie 012 427 3380.
10 minutes before the class, open your skype account and wait to be called.