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What is the Foundation Programme and its purpose?

The Foundation Programme is a unique structured study program that enables us to gain deeper understanding and experience of Buddhist teachings and to develop a regular meditation practice.

Through regular teachings, meditation, systematic study and group discussion, the Foundation Program offers deep support for your spiritual life. In essence, it is the same training followed by spiritual practitioners in an unbroken lineage dating back to Buddha Shakyamuni. Its special quality is that we can gain authentic experience without abandoning our modern lifestyle.

By studying on this program we will gain great confidence in meditation - from basic techniques for overcoming our everyday problems, to practices leading to unsurpassed happiness and permanent inner peace.

We are presently studying the book Universal Compassion, Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times.

Universal Compassion contains practical instructions on how to transform even the most difficult daily life experiences into opportunities for spiritual growth through developing and enhancing minds of universal love and compassion

With extraordinary clarity, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso presents all Buddha’s teachings in the order in which they are to be practised, enriching his explanation with stories and illuminating analogies. This is a perfect guidebook to the Buddhist path.

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There is an opportunity to enroll in a 2 week trial without committing to study the entire book.
You can sign up at the end of that time if you feel the programme is for you.
Please email us at or call 012 427 3380 if you wish to find out more.