学习静坐 享受内在安宁。静坐可以帮助我们:转化自心,消除愤怒、贪执、 妒忌等负面情绪;保持平静,活得自在、喜悦。

修习禅修让我们经验内在 安宁,帮助我们从愤怒,贪执,嫉妒等等的妄念情绪中转化为善念及正面的心态。

 十月十四号14/10 星期六,晚上 8.00 - 9.15pm 。



Day Course on Universal Compassion 

Vajrasattva Purification Retreat  Sunday 22/10/17 


We normally regard cleaning external things such as our house as very important, but it is much more important to clean our body and mind.  It does not matter what we do externally to try to avoid suffering - if the cause of suffering remains in our mind, suffering is what we will experience. 

Nowadays many people suffer from diseases such as certain cancers that doctors do not know how to cure. Although these diseases cannot be cured by ordinary methods, they can be cured through purification practice. If the mental and physical impurities that are causing the disease to continue are purified, the diseases will definitely be cured. Geshe Chekhawa, for example, taught many sick people to heal themselves through purification practice. 

Session 1:
10am - 11.30am

Session 2:
12 pm - 1.30pm

Group prayers Heart Jewel : 3pm - 4pm

Session 3:

4.30pm - 6pm

Facility Fee : RM 5 per retreat session. No charge for Heart Jewel