Learn To Meditate For Beginners

Tuesday 18th September 2018  Time 8-9pm
Sunday 16th September 2018 Time 10am - 11.30am


Weekend Course : Instructions For Training In Tranquil Abiding


Weekend Course : Instructions for Training in Tranquil Abiding

Date: 12th, 13 and 14th October 2018

Facility Fee : RM 50


Day Course : Dwelling in the Celestial Mansion


Day Course : Dwelling in the Celestial Mansion

Teaching on Heruka Body Mandala (Part 1)

9th September  2018, Sunday

Facility Fee: RM 40  


Walk-in Class : Meditation That Make Our Life Precious


In this seven-week series we will develop a structured and effective daily meditation practice that will give us spiritual confidence and direction.



Walk-in Class : The Perfection of Wisdom

According to Buddha, all our delusions - and therefore all our suffering - arise from self-grasping ignorance, that mistaken view believing that things exist the way they appear. 

What is self-grasping? How does it cause delusions and suffering? How can we look beyond appearances?

In this three-week course we will look at Buddha's Perfection of Wisdom teachings, learn how to question what we take for granted, and explore how to look beyond the prison of our mistaken appearance and conceptions. 


Walk-in Class : The Perfection of Moral Discipline

Come join us in the next 4-part series to understand the importants of moral discipline and how to practise it.

A mind controlled by moral discipline is a pure and relaxed mind that simply has no interest in following delusions. Practiced correctly, moral discipline helps us to maintain a pure and peaceful mind in our daily life, and in life after life.


Walk-in Class : The Perfection of Giving


Bodhisattvas engage in the practice of the six perfections of giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom. 

Come join us in the next 4-part series to understand the perfection of giving and how this practice creates the causes for us to be enlightened. Learn how to give wisely, what to give and how we can create a future with abundant resources with which we can help our self and others make progress in our spiritual path.