Walk-in Class : Meditating with the Clarity of our Mind

In the previous course we learnt how everything is created by mind. Our mind creates our world, our happiness and suffering, and our spiritual path. With this knowledge, we now have the freedom to create something new. In this course we explore how we use our Lamrim meditations to create a new world - the Pure Land of Lamrim

Date: 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th January 2019. 


Walk-in Class : Introduction to Mahamudra : Meditation on the Clarity of the Mind

The meditation on clarity of the mind has many benefits: it pacifies our distractions; sets us up for the experience of emptiness - the way things really are; and one day, leads us into great bliss of our own clear light mind.

The deeper we go into this meditation, the more we understand through our own experience that everything is created by the mind, including the mind itself. We cannot find anything outside of our experience of the world.

Date: 3rd, 17th and 24th Dec 2018


New Year with Tara (24-Hour Tara Chanting)

Tara is a wisdom Buddha, Known for her swift compassion & ability to protect living beings from fear and danger.

Making praises & requests to Buddha Tara every 4 hours is a very powerful method for removing inner and outer obstacles such as sickness and misfortune.

Date:  31th December 2018

Session 1: 7.30pm, Session 2: 11.30pm

Date 1st January 2019

Session 3: 3.30am, Session 4: 7.30pm, Session 5: 11.30am & Session 6: 3.30pm


Looking Ahead



  • Sunday 2nd : Vajrasattva retreat
  • Friday 14-17th Asian Festival in Hong Kong
  • Monday 31st   24-hour Tara chanting


  • Tuesday January 1st 24-hour Tara chanting
  • 12th- 13th Sat-Sun Mahamudra retreat
  • 19th-20th Sat-Sun Mahamudra retreat


  • Saturday 2nd to Monday 11th Chinese New Year break
  • Sat 16th & Sunday 17th Amitayus retreat

In MARCH 2019

  • Friday 29th – Tuesday 2nd April:  Southeast Asia Dharma Celebration – Empowerment of Buddha Manjushri in Kuala Lumpur

In APRIL 2019

  • Saturday 13th  & Sunday 14th: Nyung Ne purification practice
  • Sunday 28th: Review of  SEADC

In MAY 2019

  • Sat 11th and Sunday 12th: Guru Yoga & Mandala Offering retreat

In JUNE 2109

  • Sunday 9th: Blessing empowerment at Manjushri Kadampa Buddhist Centre, KL