Monday Evenings


These weekly general programme classes are open to everyone. They include guided meditations and teachings on the practical application of Buddhist thought in daily life. There's no need to book, just drop in. 8.00-9.30pm. Facility fee RM10



Our ordinary view is that we are the centre of the universe and that other people and things derive their significance principally from the way in which they affect us. This self-centred view of the world does not correspond to reality. It is precisely because we think 'I am important, I need this, I deserve that' that we engage in negative actions, which result in an endless stream of problems for ourself  & others. By practising these instructions, we develop a realistic view of the world, based on an understanding of the equality and interdependence of all living beings. Once we view each and every living being as important we will naturally develop good intentions towards them.







Monday, March 6th & 13th, 2017   8.00-9.30pm 

How Karma is Like Astrology

 If you want to know your past, look at your current experiences;

 If you want to know your future, look at your current actions.



Facility Fee: RM 10 per class (free for FP students)